Healthful hints for a happy life!

Keeping Your Cool Part One

Hi All,

It's been a hot summer so far and we've only just begun! I have a lot of healthful hints to keep your cool, especially when sweating during workouts at the gym and outdoor activities.  I'm one of those uber-multitaskers who has a laundry list of "to dos" everyday and I often run out and do errands after then gym. I've paid the price twice now - after a spin glass and after cardio when the AC wasn't that great. After my second bladder infection in two years I realized it was time for better underwear!  I reached out to fellow health coach Kerry in NYC and she suggested ExOfficio.  I bought a one week supply that very day and have to say they are the BEST underwear I've ever worn!

Do check them out on-line.  They will be my forever "go to" for my on the go lifestyle!

Stay cool and dry!